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Virus infections remain a major threat to human health worldwide and account for a substantial part of global healthcare costs.

RNA viruses are of particular interests: due to the lack of proof-reading activity of the viral polymerases, virus species are represented by clouds of mutants (quasispecies) adding a high degree of genome variability.

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[03.02.2016] Erst die hohe Anzahl von Infizierten in Südamerika macht Zika-Virus zur Risiko-Krankheit

>> aktuelle Informationen zum Zika-Virus

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[04.11.2015] Das 3sat "Nano" Interview von Stephan Becker ist online zugänglich

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[04.09.2015] Am Institut für Virologie simulieren Schüler den Ernstfall einer drohenden Ausbreitung

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J Virol. 2016 Jun 8
"RNA-binding of Ebola virus VP30 is essential for activating viral transcription"

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A students project by the Institute of Virology and the CRC 1021 in cooperation with the Gymnasium Philippinum and the Martin-Luther-Schule


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A02 Becker/Hartmann

B05 Strecker

15h - 17h

Biomed. Forschungszentrum Seltersberg

kleiner Hörsaal

Gießen, Schubertstr. 81

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